Second time’s a charm


Usually I am not one to care much about politics. But the current presidential race for some reason has caught my attention. Maybe it’s because American might be on its way to creating another new record for itself (by having a black president for two terms in a row) or the fact that it would be interesting to see two people fight to rule a country that is in such a dire economic state. Either way the current presidential race is indeed worthy of some attention.

I spent about an hour or so watching the just concluded Presidential debate between Mr Obama and Mr Romney. It was definitely a refreshing watch, as President Obama worked vigorously to redeem himself in the face of his supporters.


The first debate some days ago made headlines for more reasons than just the fact that it was an oratory battle between two people vying for the most coveted seat in the free world, but because of the performance exhibited by Incumbent President; Obama. Obama’s performance was rather lackluster compared to his adversary, Governor Romney. He seemed to be unsure of himself at every juncture of the debate. His demeanor was seriously lacking tact and focus. He was clearly unprepared for the debate. In fact, Democrats considered the first debate to be a “write-off”. Some media pundits tagged his display as “rope-a-dope”


So when the second debate came around, Democrats were desperate for a win and they got it. Obama’s performance was a sharp contrast of the former. He was more precise in his responses, and as the polls have shown, he won the debate by a clear margin.


Some mischievous detractors have put a rather comedic spin on an aspect of the debate. While Romey tried to give a response to a question about the situation of women in the work place, he alluded to the fact that he had made great strides in the inclusion of women in the workforce. According to him, he noticed that many on his staff and prospective applicants were majorly men and wanted to bring some diversity into his team. So he was presented with “Binders of women” of equal qualifications to choose from. Am sure by now you can see how a lascivious mind would be able to make comedy from this….lol


All in all, I would definitely give President Obama some kudos for coming out and defending himself in the face of his supporters and opponents alike.


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