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Please Keep The “Faux” Sanctity of Christmas and Santa Claus Alive.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “My Hero.”

My Hero is the parent who struggles to keep the Faux pristine joyfulness of Christmas

When I was young I used to look forward to Christmas like most kids. Growing up my parent never told me or my siblings any of those make-believe stories about Santa and the gifts he brings. But this did not change the fact that I enjoyed the holiday though.  The main reasons I loved Christmas were:

  1. My ever so busy Investment Banker of a Dad was at home for like two weeks and we all got to hang-out with him.
  2. I did not have to go to school.
  3. I got to eat so much food, and all the sweet stuff that my dad was gifted in hampers.
  4. Hmmmm,I am trying to remember the others. Loading…..

You know that brief period in your teens when everyone and everything around you is just stupid and annoying, and you just feel like “What the FUcK is wrong with these people” and you just want to go to be in a different planet and be away from it all. Now I look back at that time and I just wonder “What was I even thinking”….lol. Those are the motions of growing up though, ahhhhh fun time. Ok back to my point, during that period I would watch movies and hear of these parents that tell their children Faux stories to get them all excited about the holiday. I would hear these stories and just think “why don’t these knuckle-heads just grow a pair and tell their kids the truth”. Then, it did not make sense that kids were being lied to, to make them happy.

Like 10 or more year later I am beginning to see reason to the choice of parents and their stories. Right now I work and earn a living for myself. I still live with my parents. When I say I live with my parents I don’t mean like one of those dilapidating co-dependent parent-child relationship that is just bleh! like the one portrayed in the movie “Failure to launch”. (hahahahahaha….I don’t  know I just had a strong need to defend and clarify my status as a parent “co-inhabiter’). I pay my bill all on my own, except I don’t pay rent. Back to the point, now that I am grown I see a different side to Christmas. I see the side which has parents running around and toiling like crazy to keep the innocence and joy of their kids intact. I see people who have to work extra hard this period to make enough money to enable them afford the luxury of a fun and happy holiday for their kids.

I write to you from Nigeria, where the hardship that people go though could not be any clearer. It’s Christmas, and yet you can barely feel it in the atmosphere. People are apprehensive about what the falling price of crude oil will mean for the nation now and for the year to come.  To rephrase Charles Dickens, “It is the best of times; it is the worst of times”. It’s such a bittersweet Christmas for many Nigerians, but they still have to make the family happy.

When I see all of this ugliness that is present, and in which people have to thrive in, I think kids should be allowed to keep their innocence.