What does the color Red mean to you?

……Take your time, there is no rush really. When you come up with an answer that is way more interesting than mine (which is basically nothing except the physical color red itself), drop me a comment below.

So last week I decided to change my laptop bag. I remembered that at some point in the past I had gotten a HP bag as a gift after purchasing a laptop. I dug it out; thankfully it was still brand new.

The first day I took it to the office a lot of my colleagues praised it and after the praising, they seemed to be stuck on the fact that the bag featured the color red at different parts. To be honest I had never really noticed it. The reason why they were hung up on the color is because they know it’s not really “my color”.

About a week later I decided to change my iPad cover, that thing had seen better days, it was barely hanging on to the iPad. So I walked in to a store to get one, and after about 10 minutes of browsing through some really ugly covers, I settled on a red one. This iPad cover is bleeding red, with a slim gray elastic strip on the back. But for the most part it is red and proud. Again I was basically accosted by my colleagues for buying another item of the color red.

To reiterate here I did not really choose this case because of the color, it just happened to be the most aesthetically pleasing one from a design point of view. I really don’t know how to put this in words, but really when I was deciding on buying this case the color did not factor, I was more concerned about ergonomics as well as economics.

And now to the most recent, I bought a mouse like 2 days ago. Guess what color it is…….Yes exactly. This time I think color may have played a role here. I saw an array to choose from. After narrowing it down to a particular style that I felt was more comfortable and practical, it was on to color choice. It was between red and purple….I know right, “who buys a purple mouse?” was exactly what I was thinking. Definitely not me, so the red color was as they say: a now brainer.  And as always, when I got to the office I got the same treatment. “WHY DID YOU BUY RED?” “ARE YOU GOING THROUGH A PHASE”??? What phase would that be exactly??

This has got me thinking though, why am I suddenly buying stuff in the color of red? Is there some significance to it? Someone please help me.

Thank you in anticipation.

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  1. I think you are doing it to irk your office mates and frankly I think they deserve it! Go Big Red!!!

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