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DAILY PROMPT : Where do your morals come from?

When I think of sources of morals, I think of personal guidelines that have been fed by different sources as the person develops from child to adult. When we are born our first contacts are our parents and so for much of our childhood what we deem to be right or wrong is to a very large extent defined by the influence we get from the lifestyle of our parents. Given that the first experiences (in anything; think sex; think school; think travelling, pretty much everything) tend to be the one that stick with us longer, and so it is not hard to see why most people would conclude that the ultimate source of morality is from the parents (home). This is partially true.

As a teen when you get into High School you have a natural tendency to want to “belong”. In a bid to fit in with the “cool kids” you tend let go of some of those morals (usually stringent ones) that you have imbibed from home and tweak and adjust them to suit your purpose. For instance your parents must have told you that you have to be at least 18 or 21 before you have sex. On getting to school, you find out that the “cool kids” have already had sexual experiences. With this realization you begin to rethink those morals from home and before you know it you are 14 and your girl friend is already pregnant.

The point I was trying to make in the previous paragraph is that even though we may have picked up our morals from our parents, the church or another source, it get diluted by the people and things that we experience along the way.

I like to think of morality as an ever evolving subject in a person’s life. As we grow in life we are faced constantly with experiences that challenge our morals and cause us to shift ground most times, even though we might not admit to it. A person’s morality is like technology, today it seems like the best and it gets most of the problems solved, but tomorrow we are going to be faced with a different set of challenges that causes us to have a rethink about our position. Let me give another personal example that helps to buttress the evolutionary nature of morality. When I was a kid in High School, my parents led me to believe that smoking cigarettes was a completely immoral thing to do. At the time I did not ask any questions I took my parents word as being right, and given that they were older than I was with more life experiences than I had, they had to be right. When I got into the university I met a couple of people who I became good friends with. These people were smokers. Initially when I found out they were smokers it triggered an alarm in me (SMOKING = BAD, you need to run), but I did not run. I stayed back. Why did I stay back?

As I began to learn more about my new friends over the course of our freshman year, I found out that there was absolutely nothing wrong with these people. They excelled in their academics just like me (or in some cases better than me), they were trustworthy, respectful people. They had personal issues just like another breathing human being. Nothing about them stood out particularly except that they like to sometimes inhale thick smoke. Seeing them made me rethink what I had been told by my parents. I could not find any evidence in them to justify the title of “immoral” that my parents had branded smokers.

In essence I think morality is EVOLUTIONARY (every changing and growing as we develop) as opposed to being STATIONARY (coming from a single unchangeable source).


This is a very touching story.

My Dark Secret

My Dark Secret.



The title & picture of this post could not be any clearer. I am official blank on things to blog about. It’s also important to note that I have only one post to my name….ever. I know what exactly you are thinking right now, “it only your first, give it some time” or some other permutation of those words. I hear you, But. When I opened my Word press account, I was so very enthusiastic about the prospects of blogging. I saw it as an opportunity to entertain people with literary pieces of things that catch my attention and are worth of being broadcasted. I thought I would be bursting with so many posts that I would have been thrown in the WORDPRESS equivalent of “Twitter Jail” or something in that zip code. But sadly I have found myself in quite a fix. Initially I thought it was writers block, but now (after weeks) I am pretty sure I have some sort of “blogging disability”. I can’t seem to keep my thoughts properly wrapped up in my head long enough before I get them down on the page of Microsoft word, and there lies my huge dilemma.

I have gone thru a couple of people’s pages, with very inviting decorations (some almost luring you in to lick the screen) that just beckon on you to read at least the first sentence. By the way, Kudos to those people, you have definitely found something you are really good at (you could probably make a career out of it), unlike me. As I read some of these posts, I can’t help but wonder how the authors have been able to piece together such interesting points and ideas, with the right words in the right places. It’s the writing equivalent of a well prepared pot of hot soup on a cold rainy day, with the right ingredients in the right quantities. I find myself green with envy, envy which is no match for the top notch writings I have in front of me, and so I read on. I am not going to mention any names here mainly because I haven’t sought permission, and also because my giant ego will not let me give credence to the incredible literary chefs. But I will give you some hint; most of the posts I have enjoyed are ones pertaining to parody. For example a post that particularly caught my attention was one where the writer was critiquing the idea behind apple’s “i” concept (oops I think I already gave this one away…lol…my bad). I am laughing right now just remembering that particular post.

At this point in time I have realized that I have written about two paragraphs of something that doesn’t exactly suck. Maybe whining and relishing about my problem is in fact the solution to my problem (now I sound like a shrink…lol). So here is to all the guys and girls with incredible blog posts, whose writings have so threatened my literary existence. Thank you for giving me something to whine about. Thanks you for making me feel so bad about myself that I made something out of my misery. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

On a different issue, not at all unrelated, I have spent the last twenty minutes clicking on the “Publish Post” button and I keep getting “undefined”. I think my internet has conspired with some force to make sure my thoughts do not get out there.

Second time’s a charm


Usually I am not one to care much about politics. But the current presidential race for some reason has caught my attention. Maybe it’s because American might be on its way to creating another new record for itself (by having a black president for two terms in a row) or the fact that it would be interesting to see two people fight to rule a country that is in such a dire economic state. Either way the current presidential race is indeed worthy of some attention.

I spent about an hour or so watching the just concluded Presidential debate between Mr Obama and Mr Romney. It was definitely a refreshing watch, as President Obama worked vigorously to redeem himself in the face of his supporters.


The first debate some days ago made headlines for more reasons than just the fact that it was an oratory battle between two people vying for the most coveted seat in the free world, but because of the performance exhibited by Incumbent President; Obama. Obama’s performance was rather lackluster compared to his adversary, Governor Romney. He seemed to be unsure of himself at every juncture of the debate. His demeanor was seriously lacking tact and focus. He was clearly unprepared for the debate. In fact, Democrats considered the first debate to be a “write-off”. Some media pundits tagged his display as “rope-a-dope”


So when the second debate came around, Democrats were desperate for a win and they got it. Obama’s performance was a sharp contrast of the former. He was more precise in his responses, and as the polls have shown, he won the debate by a clear margin.


Some mischievous detractors have put a rather comedic spin on an aspect of the debate. While Romey tried to give a response to a question about the situation of women in the work place, he alluded to the fact that he had made great strides in the inclusion of women in the workforce. According to him, he noticed that many on his staff and prospective applicants were majorly men and wanted to bring some diversity into his team. So he was presented with “Binders of women” of equal qualifications to choose from. Am sure by now you can see how a lascivious mind would be able to make comedy from this….lol


All in all, I would definitely give President Obama some kudos for coming out and defending himself in the face of his supporters and opponents alike.